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Our Proposal and Magical Engagement Weekend!

As many of you already know, thanks to our facebook video, Tommy and I got engaged on Good Friday!  Here’s the video that tells the story, from facebook live:  And if for some reason this doesn’t show up for you, I uploaded it to YouTube, too!  During the video, we mention a few things that […]

How to Handle Self Doubt and Low Confidence!

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing makeup for Anne Fulenwilder. If you’re not familiar with the name, let me give you an intro: She is the Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire Magazine!  She was in San Francisco for the “Power Trip,” a Summit she organized that brought 100 “Power Women” from NYC […]

Fit FILIPINO Foodie Friday! Carne A La Cubana!

Well, hello! If you didn’t already know, my gorgeous boyfriend is half Filipino. =)  As such (especially in and around Daly City), we have had a lot of adventurous food choices, which lend themselves well to the nose-to-tail aspect of Primal eating - things like fish head soup (yes, I ate a fish eyeball at […]

Purple Hair… Do I Care?

I see the “___ hair, don’t care” hashtag pretty frequently, and it usually irks me. If the blank is filled with a word that is negative, like “messy” or “post-workout,” then I think it is fine and makes sense. But “Long hair, don’t care” drives me nuts. If you don’t care, why are you typing […]