PHAMExpo Haul! (Professional Hair And Makeup Expo)!

Last weekend, I went down to Pasadena to attend PHAMExpo, which is a trade show for makeup artists, hair stylists, and any other beauty professionals!

I guess I am stretching it when I say “attend” – I worked it! I love going to makeup shows, but am not as much of a shopper, so I usually try to work at them and do just a little shopping here and there – that way I still make money, still get discounts, still feel the energy from and get inspired by the show, but don’t spend too much money, which is especially important now that we’re planning a wedding.

This time, I worked for my friends at Frends, an amazing beauty supply store! You should totally apply for their pro discount program – not only will it save you money, but it’s also called “Frends with Benefits,” so how can you resist? 

Anyway, I scoped out the exhibitors before attending, and there was one that I was really excited to check out – Stefania Organics. I am still in the process of finding makeup products that are natural and organic and still perform the way that conventional/pro products do, but I feel confident in using an organic brush cleaner and sanitizer! I was pumped when Stefania, the owner and founder, came over to the Frends booth to drop of some brush cleanser for the Frends team to try, because then I got to meet her without having to leave the booth! She is such a sweetheart and so fun to be around – so I had to go check out the booth for sure! So, my first purchase was a small bottle of her brush cleaner to try – review on the way!

The rest of the stuff I bought was actually all from the Frends booth, so I didn’t have to travel very far! However, I did have a seriously difficult time NOT buying this Zuca bag that is screaming my name in every way possible, from the Zuca booth!

Get behind me, Satan!

Perhaps I will get it for myself as a wedding present! 😉

One thing I knew I needed was a Z Palette and some new neutral eye shadows (I got some from Stilazzi). The palette that has been in my kit quite a while that I use most on corporate, commercial, tv, print, and even the rare bride (I don’t do much bridal makeup anymore) was in embarrassingly rough shape after a couple plane rides and roughness from well-meaning PAs on set – the plastic casing on it was broken and missing chunks, and at least one of the shadows had fallen apart. It was definitely time to move on! I salvaged some of the oft-used colors and put them into my new extra large palette, as you can see!

Closeup of my Z Palette, filled!

The thing I love about the Z Palette is that you can put your pans of makeup from any packaging in using metallic backing that sticks to your makeup, so you can customize a palette with your favorite brands, or if you aren’t a makeup artist/product junkie, you can even have your supplies for your whole face in one palette! Or if you are, you can replace just one color you use a lot, instead of having palettes with uneven usage where you BARELY use most of the colors but they have your go-to! I definitely see many more Z Palette purchases in my future!

Next on my list was a couple Nyx products – a pot of black eyeliner (I usually use Make Up For Ever, but thought it was low risk to give this a shot), and a bright pink liquid lipstick that I WAS going to wear to the wedding I’m attending this weekend, but changed my mind!

Recently, I have been doing a fair amount of makeup requiring lashes, but booking the jobs last-minute and ending up paying way too much at Walgreens for lashes, so I bought sixteen pairs from Frends in three styles so I am prepared for a while!

My last two items weren’t on my list initially, but I am so pumped about them!

They happened to be in the part of the booth where I was working, so after explaining how awesome they are to people, or hearing the other lovely artists I worked with do the same, I couldn’t leave behind! #NoMakeupProductLeftBehind

One is my “Manizer Sisters” palette. My current highlight/bronzer palette has hit pan, so it’s about time to buy a new one anyway! I didn’t know that these were sold together (it’s relatively new), and couldn’t resist the packaging. I mean, I was going to have to buy them anyway eventually, may as well do it when I can get a deal!

Finally, the most ironic product – something to take the makeup OFF! I am usually sad when I am doing this on days I actually take the time to do my makeup, but this makes it much more exciting! It is a special fiber cloth that removes your makeup by just wetting it! No chemicals, no wastefully throwing away wipes!

As I mentioned before, I am all about the natural products, so I was excited for that! And, I recently have started using an AMAZING organic skincare line that I love, but is a bit pricey, and I think this will save me money on cleanser and makeup remover in the long run!

It comes in black and pink, and I chose black – I’m not a pink person, except during the Susan G Komen 3-Day, and I felt like black would look less gross between washes! (You just throw it in your washing machine with your clothes)!

When I got back home, I showed Tommy what all I bought (bless his heart for sitting through it and seeming interested), and at the end he said, “You must be so excited that you were able to buy so many sustainable products!”

I recycled in my intro video as a way to show my passion for the environment! 😂

I hadn’t even thought about it that way! Organic brush cleaner is obvious. The Z Palette and buying individual shadows in very minimal packaging is sustainable. And the makeup eraser will stop me from using makeup wipes on my SUPER tired nights, and minimize the usage of cleansers – score!

I will update you soon with reviews on the makeup eraser, liner, liquid lipstick, and brush cleaners. I also have another set of reviews from my “Bloom” box from Influenster coming up, too, so stay tuned!

What’s the latest beauty product you bought?



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  1. ReplyCARLA

    I NEED YOU TO MOVE IN WITH ME :-) and teach me a thing or twelve. I finally bought some dry shampoo---does that count? :-)

    • ReplyMandie

      Haha! That sounds fun! And sure - that stuff is clutch! I use it all the time! <3

  2. ReplyRachel @

    Wow the make-up eraser sounds perfect!! I didn't know there was anything out there other than the everyday disposable face wipes. Thanks for sharing!!! Rachel @ recently posted...How Do I Know When To Invest In My Business?My Profile

    • ReplyMandie

      Unfortunately, I only got to use it once! I took it with me to the midwest and set it out to dry and left it there! So now I need to get it back to try it more. The one time I used it, it wasn't as impressive as described to me, but I wanted to give it more tries! <3

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