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Bold Moves Podcast Episode 9er: Elle Russ!

Happy Monday! You know what that means! It’s time for Bold Moves Podcast Episode 9er: Elle Russ! Tommy, my fiance, met Elle at Primal Con, a convention for enthusiasts of the Primal lifestyle/diet/nutrition plan, when he was there to present as a physical therapist! They formed a friendship, and we ended up having the pleasure of visiting Elle in Malibu a few times, and as I wrote in this post, I always found spending time with her energizing! 
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Veggie Fiber Bread Recipe!

As you know, I do my best to live sustainably, which means I am very anti wasting food. This is one of a few reasons that I am not into juicing - why waste the fiber? It’s good for you! We don’t have a juicer, but occasionally, we have less-than-desirable veggie remnants, so I thought I’d take a stab at making something with them, in case we ever do get a juicer (we are contemplating it as a way to save produce that is about to go bad)! It is for this reason that I experimented and came up with a bomb veggie fiber bread recipe! 

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Why You Should Eat More Fat! Fat’s Not The Enemy!

One of the biggest myths that drives me crazy is that the Paleo diet/Primal meal plan is a high protein diet, or that all you eat is meat. In fact, eating too much protein causes the same insulin response in our bodies we are trying to avoid altogether, so it’s not that, but that deserves a whole blog post in itself. What we really focus on is less (or no) processed food, and more fat!

For me, the reasons I choose to eat Primal are twofold: 

1. To avoid processed food - JERF (Just Eat Real Food). 
2. To decrease sugar intake. 

We generally like foods that have either fat, sugar, or both, because that is what tastes good. Some processed foods claim to have neither, which scares me, and should scare you too! 

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Try Beachbody’s New Program “Country Heat” Free!

Hello hello! Happy weekend! As you know, I just finished Beachbody’s latest release program 22 Minute Hard Corps. Well, Beachbody doesn’t keep anyone waiting too long for a new program to do! Where are my country people? Read more to find out how you can try Beachbody’s new program Country Heat free! That’s zero dollars to test it out! 

I’m not too fond of country, even though I pretended to be back in this photoshoot in Austin, Texas many years ago! 

Picture by Chuck of Austin Imagemakers!

Anyway, Beachbody noticed how much everyone loved dancing off the pounds with Shaun T’s Cize, and didn’t want to leave out those who love Country music, so they thought it’s about time to make a program for those people to workout without feeling like they are exercising, too! 

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