Netflix for Workouts? YES, PLEASE!

I feel awful that I haven’t shared this yet, because it is AWESOME and is something I have seriously been waiting for for years… BEACHBODY ON DEMAND!

You can STREAM workouts from ANY DEVICE! When Tommy got his new MacBook Air, he bought a disc drive just for this purpose, and he no longer needs it! Now, when we are in hotels and traveling, or even outside!

Right now, there are a ton of programs on there… Both full programs, and sample workouts from other programs. Also, if you have purchased a Beachbody program or programs through the Beachbody site, you can access those full programs as well!

Those are just some of the programs featured on Beachbody On Demand. Yes, there’s more!

This was super useful to me a few times already. The first time was before the launch, when they gave access to some of us coaches to beta test it. I did a few Turbo Fire workouts in different hotel rooms and gyms when we were out here to find an apartment! AND, even this past week, I propped the laptop up on my suitcase and did a workout, because our TV hasn’t been delivered yet in the move!

Here are a couple exciting things. If you have been thinking “Oh my gosh, I need this in my life! This is what I’ve been looking for!” Then you can click here to order!

If you have ALSO been thinking “You know, I’d love that, but I’d also love to have an INCREDIBLE shake with over 70 superfoods that Mandie always raves about,” then I have an even more exciting deal for you! The challenge pack! For March, it is on sale, so for two more days! You can get the challenge pack deal, here!

Since we are chatting about challenge packs, here are the other sales for March:

And finally… If you are thinking “That sounds pretty cool, but I want to try it first,” there’s another sweet deal - a 30-Day free trial, which you can get with any challenge pack purchase (either those mentioned above, or any other program + Shakeology. Message me for details on that!). After 30 days, if you like it, you will be billed for your first quarterly payment!

As always, if you ever want help working toward your goals of fitness or nutrition, just let me know! It is my passion to help people follow their dreams and be their fittest, healthiest, and happiest selves!



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    1. I am honestly a little scared of Crossfit! I am in Northern California now, where it’s huge, and I have heard better things about the trainers, but my boyfriend is a physical therapist and sees A LOT of crossfit injuries! I already have a couple herniated discs, so I am nervous to try it, but I am sure I will soon! Glad you have found what you like!

    1. That’s awesome! Did you submit your results and get your tshirt, and chance to win a prize? I feel like this should have happened long ago, but I am sure that Beachbody has been working on perfecting it for a while!

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