What is Shakeology and What Does Shakeology Do?

Ok… For the longest time, I have been meaning to write this blog, and today’s the perfect day for it.

People ask me all the time what Shakeology is and why I drink it.

The short answer is “It’s my dense daily dose of nutrition, and I drink it because it gives me energy and ‘has my back’ nutritionally.”

Ready for the long answer?

It’s a main reason why I became a Beachbody coach!

My coach, and now very close friend, Katie, found me on Twitter and Tumblr, raving (and sometimes ranting, when I was super sore) about P90X.

She eventually sent me a sample of Shakeology, and I have to be honest - it sat on my counter a long time. I thought to myself “Why are there so many grams of carbs in a protein shake” and “Shakeology - the study of shake? What a dumb name!” and let it sit. She kept asking me about it, and so I FINALLY begrudgingly tried it.

Soon after, I noticed that I was typing a billion words per minute, and was insanely happy and energetic. What the heck was in that stuff? All I knew was that I had to have it!

So here’s the deal - there are TONS of Superfoods in Shakeology! It’s basically like five trips to an exotic salad bar, minus all the not-so-good for you stuff that can go in salads.

Like I said, it “has my back nutritionally.” I normally follow a pretty strict nutrition plan that is based upon ancestral health, and JERF - just eat real food. I tend toward a lower carb, higher fat diet. Since I eat real food, and follow the primal/paleo diet, I would love to think that that should be enough to keep me going and healthy, especially since part of the idea behind paleo/primal is eating like cavepeople did. HOWEVER, to me, we are contending with much more than our ancestors did - more people in the population and crowding, more germs since we see so many more people, pollution, radiation, and so on! So, for that reason, I like getting extra nutrition! Plus, I am not perfect - there are definitely days when what I eat outside of my shake are not the most nutrient-dense choices!

I can’t guarantee that you will have the same feelings/results that I did when you drink it. The way I see it, it gives you whatever you were lacking, and I must have been lacking in B-vitamins, because that would explain the surge of energy!

My favorite personal Shakeology story - my stepdad. Here’s part one:

This made my mom call it “anti-shakeology,” since his hands stopped shaking! Of course, Marv still drinks Shakeology. And he doesn’t really exercise (working on that, haha)! Check out further progress…

And “boom” goes the dynamite!

If you’d like more information, I have some videos I’d LOVE to share with you that tell the store much better than my blog post can!

This video is about the findings of a CLINICAL study of Shakeology.

This one has Tony Horton talking about lots of the ingredients and what they do, as well as how much it would cost to make your own shakeology by buying the ingredients separately!

For anyone with diabetes or worried about it - here’s a video about Shakeology and the Glycemic Index!

This is what doctors are saying about Shakeology!

This is one of my favorites - it shows one of the creators traveling the earth to find the superfood ingredients! What a life!

And finally, an old classic - a quick video on what would go in a Shakeology salad to equal the nutrients of one shake!

I apologize that this post is so long, but when I get talking about something that I am passionate about, I could go on forever, and Shakeology falls into that category!

If you’re still with me, let me tell you why I chose today to write this post. Next week Monday, the 16th of February, a coach on my team and I are hosting a 5-Day Shakeology challenge, and I’d love to have you join us!

Message me for details!



P.S. You can buy Shakeology or the Shakeology Taste Sampler by clicking the respective links, but it’s a much better deal if you get it at the same time as a fitness program, so message me about that if you’re interested!


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