Blogfest & IDEA World 2016 Recap! Loved Meeting Mentors from Afar & Learned TONS!

Hello, lovely friends! Happy Friday! Last week Wednesday, I made another trek down to LA, this time for Blogfest & IDEA World. If those two things sound completely foreign to you, I am not surprised, as I had not heard of them until I found out I was going. 😜

The larger of the two conferences is IDEA World, which is an enormous (as in, the world’s largest) fitness convention that attracts people from all over the world! The smaller of the two is Blogfest, which happens the first two days of IDEA World, and is a conference for health and fitness bloggers put on by Sweat Pink

Recently, I changed this website from a portfolio site that happened to have a blog, to a blog site that happens to have a couple portfolios (so pardon the dust as some things are being tweaked)! So because of that and my new commitment to take blogging more seriously, I was extra pumped to learn more best practices about blogging and social media! 

My schedule and materials!

It didn’t hurt that I also got a huge bag of swag! 


The day started with a breakfast bar, and I was excited about two things: 

A. The napkins had my motto on them, and 
B. It wasn’t carb city with a bunch of crap I wouldn’t eat. They even had Siggi’s, a new fave of mine! 

Speaking of, have you entered my giveaway yet? 

30-Day Supply of Siggi’s Yogurt!

After that, we got some “Dos and Don’ts of Working with Brands” which was a panel of the different major Blogfest sponsors, all telling what they look for in bloggers to work with, and best practices for sponsored blogging. 

After that, we had the opening ceremonies. It was amazing! I got to see my pal Tony Horton win the Jack Lalanne award and do push-ups with Jack’s 90 year old wife, saw an amazing speech by Amy Van Dyken, and listened to Jack Canfield speak! 

Afterward, I got a copy of his latest book, and he signed it for me! 

After that, we had one of the classes that I was most excited about - “Food Photography Tips & Tricks Just Using Your Phone!” presented by Brooke Conroy Bass. You should be excited about me going to that, too, because I went from this: 


On the blog! Delicious burrito bowl recipe and a giveaway of 30 days worth of Siggi’s yogurt! Clickable link in profile!

A photo posted by Mandie Mutchie (@mandelicious) on

to this: 

After a 45-minute class! Thanks so much, Brooke, and blogfest for setting it up! At the time I am writing this, the image has 540 likes… Which is at least four times the amount of likes on my most-liked picture previously! 

As you can see, this inspired me to make my own eBook - which will be coming out soon! I have all the pictures, just need to write and format it! AND, I’m entered to win a $250 Whole Foods Gift Card, for putting her amazing tips to use! Wish me luck! 

We then had lunch and a tweet break, followed by a presentation about how and why to gather emails. Then, we did a session on Snapchat and YouTube, which has inspired me to use both more. Are you on Snapchat? If so, scan my code and add me! 😜


So, keep your eyes on that as I get better at using it!

After that, we had “roundtables,” where we could choose a topic to chat about and come up with ideas, followed by the IDEA World Welcome party! Here’s my snap stories from day one! 
Didn’t that look like fun? It was!

On day two, we started again with breakfast, and then I became acquainted with and really enjoyed a keynote by the super inspiring Jenna Wolfe. Check her out if you’re not familiar! 

After that, we had a tweet break again, and then a content marketing workshop, and then another tweet break! Next was an amazing workout with Gunnar Peterson and his crew, followed by lunch! 

Next, we did a peer review, and paired up with other bloggers to give and get feedback on our blogs. I thought this was SUPER helpful! It also forced me to interact with people, since I can be a shy introvert SOMETIMES, and that was the case this particular weekend, unfortunately! 

After that, I had a one-on-one meeting with a potential sponsor, and then snuck over to see one of my favorite podcasters - Lewis Howes! If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ve seen me mention him. I listen to his podcast religiously and have read his book, School of Greatness! 

Much like with Jack Canfield, I did get to say hi after his talk, but I didn’t ask Lewis to sign my book, since it’s on my iPad! 

He was super nice and I was not disappointed - I left inspired! Here’s my live video (so forgive that it is not polished) on my takeaway from Lewis’ talk and how it impacted me immediately (and how it spread like a ripple, and is hopefully still going)! 

Woohoo! Let me know if you do the challenge!

After that, we had free time to explore the expo (where tons of brands in fitness, nutrition, apparel, etc. were all there showing their products), and then went to the networking happy hour! 

Here’s a video montage of day two: 

The next day, blogfest was pretty much over, so I went to the IDEA World Classes I had signed up for: The Path to Personal Excellence for Health and Fitness Professionals, Nail Your Niche to Build Your Business, Build a Kitchen and They Will Come, and my FAVORITE - Turning Posts Into Profits With Social Media, which was hosted by another Mentor From Afar of mine, Natalie Jill! 

Of course, there was one last workout - a medley of Beachbody Live Workouts! We did TurboKick, then P90X Live, then Insanity Live, then Country Heat Live, then Cize Live, then PiYo Live! 

Following that, Jorge Cruise came and chatted with us about his book! 

Here’s my video montage of day three! 

After that, I had fun with Nancy, who I was staying with… Too much fun, as usual! But I made it to Sunday’s final classes! 

Sunday had two classes - Turning Technology into Profit: Apps, Podcasts, and eBooks, and The Body FOllows the Head - Best Practices and Mind Tips for Fitness Professionals. 

I was super excited about the first one, because I had already decided to use my food photography skills above to make an ebook, I eventually want an app, and I was flirting with the idea of a podcast. 

Well, one of the reasons it took me so long to write this recap was that I have decided to do a podcast - and already have two of them recorded! I want to get a month’s worth done before I put any up, though! And as you already know, I took all the photos for my eBook! I really took what I learned at Blogfest and IDEA World and put it into action! 

I can’t wait to see what comes of it! 

Here’s my video montage of the final day! 

Woohoo! Coming next: Why I’m NOT “Sweating for the Wedding!” Also - completion of blog/website makeover! 

AND, I am joining my friend Cianna on Monday (July 25th) for a challenge group for those who want to make NO EXCUSES for their fitness and nutrition the rest of the Summer. Click here to join - it’s FREE

And don’t forget to go to my last post and enter my giveaway! There are many more to come! <3 



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  1. I’m still all about that adorable braid you were rockin’, girl! I am so glad you were at BlogFest this year, it was truly an amazing weekend with amazing people (like you!).

    1. You’re too sweet! Thank you! I am so glad, too! I hope that I can swing it next year, too! I got so much out of it and truly feel it was life-changing! <3

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