Want A Free Way To Save Money AND Feel Like You’re Playing a Game?

I love prizes. I always joke that I can be so easily convinced to do something if the prize is right, like that I will break myself for a tshirt.

I like simple games on my phone, like where you find something, or collect things…

And now I have found the perfect marriage between that, and saving money.

They are free apps (at least for iPhone), and they are called Ebates and Ibotta (Click on each link to be taken to the site to download the app!).

Admittedly, I use Ibotta more, because you use it at grocery stores, and the store I most often frequent is Whole Foods. And a caveat there is that it only works on things with bar codes, which is definitely in the minority of my purchases, but it’s still exciting, because I am saving money on things I’d be buying anyway! It reminds me of when I was just out of college and played Texas Hold’em on the .02/.04 tables and I’d win a thirty-two cent hand and be yelling because it was exciting to win things.

Ebates is awesome, because you earn larger amounts of money at a time. I first used it to buy Tommy and I Cirque du Soleil tickets via Groupon (Yeah, saving money via Ebates on already discounted Groupon tickets was a double score in my book)! Another time, I used it at REI to buy Tommy new boots, and the last time, I actually used it to save money on new tires for my car! This is more like when I won enough at the Pai Gow table in Vegas to pay for my flight and a dress at Dolce & Gabbana. 😉

And then, out of nowhere, I got this!

Yeah, that’s a Macy’s gift card for $10. No, I have no idea how I earned it! But thanks, Ebates! I’m sold.

What are some of your favorite money-saving apps or tricks?



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