My Nutrition Journey!

By this point, I consider myself a budding expert on nutrition. I don’t have any credentials (yet!), but I have spent many hours reading and learning about nutrition. Because of this learning, I have changed the way I eat significantly.

Since I’ve always been a relatively fit person (at least by Wisconsin standards), I have not really devoted time or attention to eating for weight loss, or for serious gains (like a body builder), but my focus has been about eating for a long, healthy life with minimal environmental impact.

My eating used to be HORRIBLE, though… I definitely ate the way that you would expect someone who weighs 200 pounds more than me to eat, and that is not an exaggeration by any stretch of the word. I was blessed with a fast metabolism and innate love for exercising, and I assure you that those are the only reasons that my maximum weight never made it over 137 pounds!

There are several reasons I share this with you.

  1. Skinny is not always healthy.
  2. I want you to know that if I can change my diet, you can too.
  3. I want you to know that I still don’t eat perfectly!

This video is my confession to imperfect eating now (which I embrace while I work to improve!) and an even less stellar eating history. Check it out!

If you are interested in learning more, I’d love to share the resources that I have available and that helped shape the direction of my personal nutrition journey. Here are the major contributors:

Food, Inc:

This is the documentary that started it all for me!

Fed Up! 

I actually watched this documentary when I was past the point of making the changes it suggests, but Tommy and I agreed that this would be a great introduction to someone newer to the ideas of improving nutrition!

Death By Food Pyramid 

This book has GREAT information and is written in a very enjoyable and entertaining way. I would love to buy it for everyone I know! It’s also a great starting point!

The Primal Blueprint

This is what changed my mind from following the traditional food guide pyramid to a lower-carb diet (carbs from vegetables)!

Deep Nutrition


If you want to go DEEP, this is for you! This is very scientific, and takes what I read in the previous two books to another level! If you ever wonder why Tommy and I eat things like fish head soup, liver, boudin noir (blood sausage) or nose-to-tail in general, this is why!

I hope that you found this helpful, and would love to hear about where you’re at on your nutrition journey! If you have any questions or would like my one-on-one help, or have any interest in joining one of my challenge groups to work on this, please leave a comment below or message me!



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