Fit Foodie Friday: Primal Taco Seasoning!

Oh boy… Three blogs in a row of Fit Foodie Friday means 3 weeks in a row of only blogging one day a week. I guess I have too much on my plate! (See what I did there? I’m sorry. I understand if you unsubscribe from my blog after that bad joke! 

I plan to write quite a few new blogs soon. I have the topics and content, I just need screen time! I bet that isn’t too common of a statement these days! 

Ok, enough of that! I will just say you have some great posts to look forward to and get on with it! 

Did you know that taco seasoning (and so many other things) bought from the store has sugar added to it? At least all the varieties I have found do! 

To avoid it, I found the following recipe a couple years ago, and have been making it ever since! 

(Well, that is for a whole primal taco salad - you can improvise the rest - seasoned meat, red onion, tomato kale, avocado, raw cheese from grassfed cows), but I will help you season your meat!) 

For every pound of grass fed ground beef (or chicken, I suppose!), add: 
2 tsp paprika, 
.5 tsp sea salt 
1 tsp chili powder 
1 tsp onion powder 
1.5 tsp cumin 
and .5 tsp garlic powder ! 

Then, like I said, mix it in a salad! I hope this opens your eyes to some creepy things on food labels, like added sugar. Here is an old blog that exposes some label sneakiness, as well as a new video* that has some other food label information that might interest you! 

*wardrobe provided by PrAna Palo Alto

What is your favorite healthy version of a store-bought convenience food? Are you aware of any other sneaky label tricks you’d like to share? 




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