My Five Favorite Things About Being a Beachbody Coach!

Last Tuesday, October 13th, 2015, I had my four-year anniversary of being a Beachbody coach. Of course, I would have loved to have made this post that day, but I was running around like a headless chicken, so it obviously didn’t happen. Better late than never, right? 

I was thinking that I wanted to do four things, because of four years, but that just isn’t enough. So FIVE it is. I am just thinking ahead for next year! 😉 Really, I am impressed I limited it to five, because I could talk at length about this because I am so passionate about it! 

And of course - I love alliteration, so they all start with F. 

Without further ado - here we go! 


Fun fact you may not know about me: I spent my first six years post-college as a middle school teacher in Milwaukee. I did this because I loved helping people! When I retired because the stress was taking a toll on my health, I was modeling and doing makeup artistry. Those two jobs can be fulfilling if you work charity events, support products you are on board with from your heart, and make people feel good about themselves through makeup, but overall, they can also be very superficial. Beachbody has given me the chance to help people, and I love it! Here are a few of my favorite success stories: 

Here’s a sample collage of WEEKLY testimonies form people in our challenge groups!
Some Brazil Butt Lift results!
My stepdad’s success story!
This is my stepdad’s results after drinking Shakeology for six weeks! AND he reduced his medications for blood pressure and cholesterol!

I have an entire album of images like this saved on my facebook page - my “Warm & Fuzzies” folder! Check it out here if you want to see more heartwarming success stories! 

We interrupt this blog for a musical break of one of my all-time favorite songs, and and even higher ranking music video: 

Get it? Freedom?

I was modeling and doing makeup at the same time as teaching, initially. Modeling agencies do not like being told NO when they ask you if you’re available for an audition. If they hear it too many times, they stop asking! It was tough trying to balance that along with teaching, since I couldn’t just ask off work any time I got an audition or job - and jobs often come very last-minute in the modeling/makeup industry for freelancers! 

I ALSO got to enjoy the freedom of being able to leave town on a whim! Marquette made it to the sweet sixteen and then the elite 8? Sure, let’s leave after Tommy gets off work and take a road trip to Kentucky or DC to watch! No need for me to ask off work from anyone - my time is mine! 

Can I go to LA next week to do Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s makeup for a commercial? Of course I can!
Can I randomly go to Madison for a week to do Brant Daugherty’s makeup for a movie? Sure! Why not?
Let’s go to Rupp Arena for some March Madness with no planning ahead whatsoever!
I LOVE last-minute, random road trips!
Nothing beats the freedom to go on a FREE cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman Islands!
I earned a free cruise just by helping other people be successful - and I got to bring my boyfriend. And we got to swim with stingrays. And I didn’t have to ask off from a J-O-B!


What better way to keep yourself in line for your fitness and nutrition than to hold other people accountable? You do not have to be in perfect shape (or really anywhere near your goals) to be a Beachbody coach. (That’s a myth about coaching - and here are some others I’ve debunked!). You just have to be working at getting closer every day. No one likes a hypocrite! So a big part of beachbody coaching is working through the ups and downs and sharing your progress (and pitfalls) with a team of people you’re helping, as well as a team of people who have your back! Here are some pictures that show my journey! 

This shows my progress from the beginning of my Beachbody coaching to the “after” picture from my last program, 21 Day Fix Extreme!
In addition to just getting your fitness to improve, you get to work out with awesome people in awesome places! This is glow turbo in Las Vegas with one of my FAVES!
Bonus: We get AMAZING tools to help people achieve their goals, like Shakeology! This is me in front of the Shakeology wall with all the superfood ingredients in each shake, at Beachbody headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.



When I was a teacher, we had “Professional Development,” which was intended to make us better teachers. Before Beachbody, I never knew ANYTHING about personal development. I never knew about having goals outside of just following whatever career path you started and moving up that ladder. I didn’t know about reading books and taking classes to make me a better friend, girlfriend, human, etc, or to help take me beyond my wildest dreams! 

This is a picture from the leadership retreat in Laguna Beach. We worked out on a cliff overlooking the ocean and then learned about ways to better ourselves and improve our businesses. Oh, and Beachbody paid for EVERYTHING! This is one of MANY trips like that!
This is one of several books Beachbody has sent me to keep me on track toward my goals, and help me get there!

I have never worked for a company where I can only be successful by helping other people be successful! 

Fun & Friendship: 

Oh man, this one could get long! I have done so many insanely fun things as a Beachbody coach, and have met some of the most amazing people possible! Here are some examples, but I could add SO MANY more! 

Here I am with some of my team at a free trip to Disney World!
This is after an early morning (pre-sunrise, as you can tell) workout with Leandro Carvalho, the creator of Brazil Butt Lift! He is simply verifying that his program works - haha!
With Tony Horton, the first time I met him. He’s so nice! Those abs are pretty good for a 55-year old. He helped me learn that aging is for people who don’t know any better. I have no plans to age!
You know you’re dealing with good people when someone OFFERS to support you by walking 60 miles with you!
It’s not always about hard work! Katie has become like a sister to me. And we do not mind enjoying sangria in Laguna Beach on a free trip!
Chalene Johnson - I have learned SO much from this woman, it’s INSANE!
Beauty and the Beast! I will let you decide who is who! That’s me in Vegas with the creator of Body Beast and co-creator of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel. ;)
One of my favorite Beachbody people is the CEO, Carl Daikeler, who I chest bump on the regular. ;)
This was our team at Summit a few years ago. An excuse to get dressed up and celebrate peoples’ successes in Vegas is good for me!
Darin Olien - one of the creators of Shakeology, which is one of my FAVORITE things!
After a baseball-themed Super Saturday with someone who has become family to me - my upline coach, Katie! Cheers!
There just aren’t enough theme parties in my life without Beachbody. 80s dance party in Dallas at a team event!

Fulfillment, Freedom, Fitness, Focus, Fun & Friendship - Five GREAT F-ing reasons to be a coach, if you ask me! (Haha!). 

Are you interested? 

This week, I am doing a “Sneak Peek” into coaching - a free facebook group that is five days long and tells you the most important stuff about coaching! I do it once a month, so feel free to click here to join, and if it isn’t time yet, I will message you & let you know once it is! 

I also do monthly webinars with a teammate about joining! So if you follow me on social media (links below or on the side) you will surely see something about it! 

OR, I made this blog with info about it, if you’re an “I wanna know right now!” person!

Me at Summit 2015 in Nashville, ready for more fun & fit friends to join!

I’d love to help you get paid to help others achieve their goals to lead healthy, fulfilling lives! 



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