Makeup Kit Must-haves from the Makeup Show SF Haul + Make Up For Ever Pro Takeover San Jose!

Makeup Kit Must-Haves

I have been in an absolute glittery makeup wonderland the past week and a half, and stocked up on some serious makeup kit must-haves, as well as some inspiration and learning! First was The Makeup Show Pop Up Shop in San Francisco, followed immediately by the Make Up For Ever Pro Takeover in San Jose!

As I mentioned in my recap of the PHAMExpo (Professional Hair and Makeup Expo), one of the things that I love about these events is the inspiration from seeing so many makeup artists with incredible, beautiful makeup on their faces! 

I also love the pro and tradeshow discounts we get… And of course, I took advantage of them! 
Here’s my unboxing… Or unbagging, since I brought stuff home from the show in bags! This time, I focused on upgrading and streamlining my makeup kit with some serious must-haves for any pro makeup artist!

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How To Incorporate Snapchat AND Instagram Stories Into Your Social Media Plan!

instagram stories and snapchat

Yesterday, Instagram introduced something new: Instagram stories. Basically, you can upload and edit pictures and short stories to your instagram feed and they will stay for only 24 hours and then disappear. If this doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because it is basically the same model as another social media app: snapchat! This post is to help any social media marketers or avid users fit instagram stories and snapchat both into their social media plans! 

From what I see, the opinion on this seems mixed. Some are criticizing instagram for copying snapchat. Others are praising instagram saying they took Snapchat’s model and improved it. 


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Change Your Mindset & Turn Obligations into Blessings!

Change Your Mindset to Change Burdens into Blessings!

Bills. A to-do list or “Honey-Do” list. A workout, a dentist appointment, or an extra serving of vegetables you don’t feel like eating. There are always things we’re not going to want to do. But what if you could change your mindset so that you look forward to these things and see them as blessings, instead of dreading them? 

When we were kids, if we asked why we had to do something, you may have heard “Because I said so!” Let’s make another simple option – how about “because I can?” Check out this video I made several months ago: 

It may be easier to feel blessed on a balcony on Manhattan Beach, but it doesn’t have to be! Mindset is key, and you don’t have to be in paradise physically to feel like you are mentally! 

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