Bold Moves Podcast Episode 23: Cory Zimmermann!

Cory Zimmermann

It’s here… The Michael Jordan of all Bold Moves Podcast episodes – Bold Moves Podcast Episode 23: Cory Zimmermann! Cory Zimmermann was recommended to me by the beautiful and amazing Neda Stevic, who you hopefully remember from episode #13 on Halloween! If you haven’t listened to or watched that one, I highly recommend checking it out! 

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Bold Moves #22 Fearless Friday #11!

Bold Moves #22 Fearless Friday #11

This weeks’ Bold Moves #22 Fearless Friday #11 is a throwback (or should I say “flashback,” so I can have the triple alliteration with Bold Moves Fearless Flashback Friday?) to episode five with Danika Brysha, because she was so kind as to give several options for which challenge to pick from! One was the one she actually did, to give up sugar for a week. The other was to write your biography each day, which was sort of echoed in the episode I did with Linda Mitchell’s perfect day challenge. And here’s this week’s – Bold Moves #22 Fearless Friday #11! 

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Podcast Guests Needed! Who’s Bold?

Podcast Guests Needed! Who's Bold?

Does that make you think of Michael Jackson’s “Bad?” “Who’s bad?!” Haha! Anyway, I am so blessed to know so many bold people who’ve made bold moves that inspire me so much. I know you must, too! OR, maybe you are reading this and thinking “I’m bold!” If that’s the case, please read on! Podcast Guests Needed! Who’s Bold?

I would love to keep inspiring you and learning from amazing people who’ve made bold moves to impact their lives and the lives of people around them. If you’re the bold one, please fill out the form below. And if you know anyone bold, send this link their way! 

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Bold Moves Podcast Episode 21: Angela Wright!

Bold Moves Podcast Episode 21 Angela Wright

Have you ever been to an amusement or theme park and thought you never wanted to leave? In Bold Moves Podcast Episode 21: Angela Wright, I figure Angela must have felt the same way. Her purpose is to live heaven on earth, and she boldly made it a reality for her children by making the land of her imagination come true by creating a theme park in the UK. After, she moved across the world to Australia, where she started several health businesses! Check out her bold moves and get a chance to win some amazing prizes from Angela!

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Bold Moves Podcast Episode 20: Fearless Fridays #10: Alan’s Challenge!


I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday and had a huge list of things for which to be grateful. I ALSO hope that you continue that gratitude far beyond yesterday, and take it into today! Now that you’ve hopefully spent time with family and friends and contemplating the things for which you’re thankful, hopefully you’re ready to get down to business. Now while I realize that on this day, for many people, that business is shopping, for Bold Moves Podcast Episode 20: Fearless Fridays #10: Alan’s Challenge!, I also have the suggestion that you use it for other things! 

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