Makeup Tip! What Goes On First – Concealer or Foundation?

foundation or concealer first

For a long time, I stayed away from doing too much in the makeup tutorial department on my blog and social media, because I felt like YouTube and Instagram are dominated by artists who spend HOURS blending and doing super creative makeup, and that is just not what I normally do – both in personal and professional situations. 

For example, I am not the type of artist who’s going to make several looks inspired by junk food, like Skelotim here. 

This isn’t just because I am not into junk food… It’s because I am a different kind of artist. 

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Blogfest & IDEA World 2016 Recap! Loved Meeting Mentors from Afar & Learned TONS!


Hello, lovely friends! Happy Friday! Last week Wednesday, I made another trek down to LA, this time for Blogfest & IDEA World. If those two things sound completely foreign to you, I am not surprised, as I had not heard of them until I found out I was going. 😜

The larger of the two conferences is IDEA World, which is an enormous (as in, the world’s largest) fitness convention that attracts people from all over the world! The smaller of the two is Blogfest, which happens the first two days of IDEA World, and is a conference for health and fitness bloggers put on by Sweat Pink

Recently, I changed this website from a portfolio site that happened to have a blog, to a blog site that happens to have a couple portfolios (so pardon the dust as some things are being tweaked)! So because of that and my new commitment to take blogging more seriously, I was extra pumped to learn more best practices about blogging and social media! 

My schedule and materials!
My schedule and materials!

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Primal Spanish Rice Bowls + 30-Day Supply of Siggi’s Yogurt Giveaway!

FullSizeRender (12)

Tuesday night, I made a meal which Tommy called “one of his all-time favorites.” This is a big deal, so I thought I’d share it with you!

Most of it was pretty standard – a burrito bowl! But what he was really excited about was the rice, so I will share how to make that!

Here’s a little preview of the meal!

Doesn’t that look delicious? Since most of the items are just the item chopped up, I won’t explain all of that. But the rice – here goes!

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