About Mandie

aboutmeSince her entry into the modeling industry in 2003, Amanda Mutchie (known to her friends as “Mandie,” even though she begrudgingly admits to be named after Barry Manliow’s hit “Mandy”) has come a long way.  She has been published internationally multiple times, amassed an impressive, varied, and constantly growing portfolio.

Print modeling led to spokesmodeling, hosting, and some acting in commercials and featured extra work in web series programs.  She has also had the privilege of traveling to glamorous places, such as Paris (France, not Texas), New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Gary, Indiana.

She has also used her experience in the modeling industry, and the amazing collaborations therein, to hone her skill as an internationally-published makeup artist with celebrity experience.  She has also recently been added to the Temptu Pro team of airbrush makeup artists, and has launched her own lipgloss line.

Throughout the years as a model and makeup artist, she was also teaching…  Middle school Math (in English and French), Social Studies (in English and French), English (only in English), High School French (only in French), and Journalism, to be exact!  She also has completed most of her coursework for the Master’s in Urban Education Degree at Mt. Mary College, and just has her thesis to complete.

Mandie has also turned her love for fitness, nutrition, and helping people into another career as a Beachbody Coach!

This website is an attempt to capture Mandie’s multitude of talents, interests, and passions and put them all in one place, mostly so that whenever Mandie responds to a casting, she can send future clients to one place, rather than sending them several links!

(Photo on above was taken by Jamie Strehlow and can be seen in her book Behind Bedroom Doors: A Collection of Portraits.)